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Léonie Stolberg, photographe et plasticienne bodypositif

In the teeming world of contemporary art, an artist emerges whose work transcends the limits of photography and commitment. Léonie Stolberg, a young artist-writer-photographer, reveals herself as a bold and censored voice that challenges beauty standards and perceptions of the body in our hyperconnected era.

Coming from the Parisian suburbs, Léonie embraced a diverse passion for art very early on, exploring music, drawing, dance, photography and writing from a young age. She was able to channel this creative energy through winning competitions and early experiences in the world of images, thus forging an early and unique artistic identity.

However, his artistic path was not without pitfalls. Socially excluded, she was confronted with nastiness and censorship from her adolescence.

Despite these challenges, she found refuge and expression at the Institut Saint Luc in Tournai, where her talent was quickly recognized, although faced with persistent censorship from the educational establishment.

Photo de Léonie Stolberg qui prépare une performance sur le déclaration d'amour.

Over the years, Léonie has been able to transform difficulties into sources of inspiration.

Her journey, punctuated by awards and notable collaborations, reflects an unwavering determination to capture the diversity of bodies and deconstruct the idealized beauty standards imposed by social media.

His works, imbued with deep reflection on body image and contemporary society, are an ode to diversity and self-acceptance. Léonie Stolberg defies the stigma of censorship and hatred, positioning herself as a model for those who seek to explore the theme of the body and sexuality through art.

Committed and resolute, Léonie threw herself into daring projects, becoming the voice of a generation aspiring to more tolerance and authenticity.

Her deep desire to celebrate the uniqueness of each body shines through in her artistic quest, depicting beauty in diversity and authenticity.

Through her commitment, Léonie Stolberg embodies a resilient and poignant artistic vision, inviting everyone to embrace with gratitude and respect the richness of their own being.

It reminds us that behind each body there is a unique and precious story, well beyond the filters and judgments of our hyperconnected world?

It is hard to find photos of his work because they are all automatically deleted from popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter and many refuse him exhibitions for "fear of having their windows broken". Even when it seems to obey the rules it does not seem to be enough, the RTBF even carried out a small investigation but without result.

for her“Nudity is the garment of subjectivity: it bears witness to each person’s story and it does not lie.”

Today Léonie has to her creditmore than 16 Instagram accounts and several Facebook accounts  censored/deleted.

Pour en apprendre d'avantage sur la pratique personnelle de Léonie, rendez-vous sur son Blog

Léonie Stolberg, photographe et plasticienne bodypositif


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