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Léonie Stolberg was born in the Paris suburbs. From nursery and elementary school onwards, she understood that she had an affinity with the world of art: music, drawing, singing, dance and photography as well as writing.
She's a passionate multi-tasker. Throughout her school career, she won a number of drawing and writing competitions and put herself on stage; she enjoyed taking photos of herself "with the means at hand" and opened a self-portrait blog.
When the others go on vacation, she does internships in the world of images: with photographer Juliette Agnel as an assistant, or with Hervés Sauvage, set designer for Hermès, among others. She is now sure of what she wants to do with her life: be an artist.

LÉONIE STOLBERG, Photographe et plasticienne bodypositif

Léonie has always been socially excluded, "My schooling was hell, at school my classmates insulted me and spat on me every day. They were mean because I was different.

To escape this hell, her parents sent her to continue her secondary education at the Institut Saint Luc in Tournai. It was a great discovery, and in her first year she won an image prize in a photo competition with the school. At boarding school, she took photos of her friends in their rooms and began to develop a passion for body photography. During poses at school, she takes advantage of the empty studio to take photos of classmates who wish to confide in her lens.

This was also the year Léonie met her greatest enemy, censorship. The school went so far as to forbid her to exhibit during the open house.

Today, Léonie serves as a reference for students wishing to work on the theme of the body and sexuality. This reinforces her decision to persevere, despite the censorship and hate speech she continues to suffer.

At the age of 18, she graduated with top honors from her school and decided to enter the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. She was disappointed by the rejection she received from the institution's teaching staff. She decided to set up her own business as an independent artist.

Since then, she has had a number of exhibitions and projects to her credit, including the creation of an ASBL/Galerie to help artists bring their projects to fruition, and a committed and humorous column on ULB's Radio Campus under the name "L'Odalisque Contemporaine".


March 2024

Sweet paradise exhibition for the Déculottée Paris event

February 2024

Exhibition at the Magh space and publication in the Magh magazine.

December 2023

Exhibition / Market for UMI

November 2023

Exposure to Kalme

Permanent exhibition at the peep art gallery


July 2023

Residency and exhibition for the bachelor pad prod with homographia

June 2023

Exhibition at the ERG GALERIE space

May 2023

Exhibition at TheSorority event, at the fertile city, Paris

February 2023

Permanent ILLegaaL exhibition in pairs with Esteban Moulin

February/March 2023

Permanent exhibition in Liège at La maison ARC-EN-CIEL

Occasional exhibition “Witches fest”

November 2022

- PINK SCREEN festival exhibition at the cinema gallery (Queen's gallery)

- Permanent exhibition Cinéma Nova project “I love you” (November 10 to 19)

June / September 2022

- Open film exhibition  Studio Baxton

- Exhibition at Place Fernand Cocq at Contrabande.

- One-off exhibition of the “Masturbate Brain” series for a special “UFO or naked” evening

May 2022

Occasional exhibition with Synergy at Jane's located in the Chatelain district.

March 2022

- Exhibition from March 5 to 11 during the Women's Rights Week in the Lafourmilère gallery

- Exhibition from March 3 to 15 Brussels Rue Blaes Galerie Thatswhatxsaid


February 2022

- Permanent exhibition at The Theory Store  Ixelles Flagey Brussels

- Collective exhibition at L'ERG on the theme "Love" ERG - graphic research school

​October/November 2021

Individual exhibition with the non-profit association KCTM at See U "alternative cultural center of Brussels" where I invite: The sound of desire, Wi_cul-pédia, Camille Bataillon, The school of strings..

September 2021 until X

Permanent exhibition Brussels Rue Blaes Thatswhatxsaid Gallery

September 25/26, 2021

Collective exhibition at Kilomètre25, Paris-La Villette


May/June 2021

Collective exhibition, Paris Beaubourg LGBTQI+ Center

March 2021

Permanent publication in the ARTFABETIC artist dictionary


January/February 2021

Pop Up exhibition on rue Haute at Reservoir, Brussels

December 2020

Photographic documentation collaboration as part of the PH exhibition - the Philips pavilion at the Beaux-Arts, Brussels​

September 2020

Grand Place Brussels exhibition and live performance

Corona cancellation March/April/May/June/July/August

- “Bad Genre” Festival Belgium

- Festival “A vos Art” Paris

- “Generation” exhibition London

- Artistic interventions in schools: Tournai, Les Beaux Arts de Besançon, ULB Brussels

- Exhibition “Who says better”: Tournai, Brussels, Liège

January/February 2020

- Permanent exhibition The Blaes 70 art gallery

- Creation of workshops with make up artists and various brands

December 2019

Exhibition at Reservoir, rue Haute, Brussels

November 2019

Exhibition at the Tournai Feminist Festival

December 2018

Photographic documentation collaboration as part of the PH exhibition - the Philips fine arts pavilion, Brussels

November 2018

Participation in the Art’Fact#3 exhibition

March-April 2018

Participation in the Métamorphose exhibition at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris

In parallel with the exhibition by Gérard Garouste which is inspired by the myth of Diane and Actéon and in collaboration with the School of Culture Management and the Paris Art Market

February 2018

Collective creation of a video montage on the 8th Quartet by Dimitri Shostakovich for an evening dedicated to the Russian composer as part of the 16th edition of the European Intimate Voices Festival. Video projected as part of the evening in the theater of the Saint-Luc institution and relayed on the news by Belgian television on February 24.

November 2017

Participation in the Dreams and Nightmares Exhibitions organized by New Art Génération, at Epitech, School for Computing and New Technologies, and at the Bistrot des artistes, Paris


March 2017

Winner of second prize in the competition organized by MRAX

My pen against racism

Competition supported by Isabelle Simonis, Minister of Equal Opportunities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Marie-Martine Schyns, Minister of Education of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and Philippe Courard, President of the Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation

January 2017

- Exhibition of photographs taken in the Pardon Maman boutique in Paris at the International Lille Tattoo

- Convention 2017 (27, 28 and 29), Grand Palais


- City of Tournai, art center. Choice of a selection of my photographs for the official website of the city

- Participation in the exhibition Who says better?

- Personal project selected during the competition open to young artists. Collective and traveling exhibition in Wallonia. Exhibition in Brussels, Liège and Mons and auction

Internship with Hervé Sauvage, Set designer, Paris

Assistance in setting up and carrying out projects for various clients in the world of luxury and fashion: creation of a showcase for jewelry designer Lynda Courteille for Fashion Week and production of an advertisement for Hermès , 2011

Internship with the photographer artist Juliette Agnel, Paris

Support on the “les éblouis” project 2012

Post-production assistant in the Janvier Laboratory, Paris and on Final Cut for the TRAM project slideshow

Assistant during Marie Doguer's shooting session for the advertising agency Mondadori for the magazine Science & Vie Junior

Model for shooting session

LÉONIE STOLBERG, Photographe et plasticienne bodypositif


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