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Léonie Stolberg, photographe et plasticienne bodypositif

Photo de Léonie Stolberg pendant une séance d'Art Thérapie

The body as a work of art

to accept yourself, reinvent yourself, love yourself, live at last!

In our hyper-connected world, social networks have played an unprecedented role in the way we perceive our bodies and those of others.

We're bombarded with retouched images, so-called "perfect" bodies and destructive beauty standards.

We compare our bodies to those of others, we are in constant evaluation, which only feeds feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.

In my work, I want to show the unique, the authentic, the unexpected.

I want to bring about a recognition of oneself and one's body, a reconciliation, a liberation: therein lies the beauty.


To follow Léonie's texts and thoughts on her projects, visit her instagram blog

Léonie Stolberg, photographe et plasticienne bodypositif


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