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Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog,

It's time for me to open the doors to the backstage of my thoughts, my projects and my journey.

 The desire to create this blog has been nagging at me for some time now, and now I feel the urge more than ever to share this inner journey with you.

The subjects I tackle here are sensitive, profound and often of great societal importance: from the body to love, from society to standards, etc.

I'm engaged in a quest for collective awareness, and sometimes I feel it's essential to explain the whys and wherefores, to bear witness to the beauty I discover in every encounter, in every exchange.

My career in the multi-disciplinary art world has anchored me deeply in this approach, as if ever since I was a child, the sight of exhibitions, the works I love and the details that capture my intention, had always prepared me to do what I do today.

Creating is vital and essential for me, but more than that, I realise that my projects often strike a chord with those who join them. There's this urgency to life, this need to participate, to feel exorcised in what I propose.

The tears that sometimes flow during our sessions, the strong emotions that are released, but also the friendships that are born of these shared moments, all reinforce my conviction that this is where something very important is at stake for many people.

 The people I meet who ultimately make up the world, and their relationship with their own bodies.

I realize that for many of the people who contact me, there is a deep desire to participate in my projects, to feel an urgency to live, to serve a cause or to find liberation through what I propose. It touches them to the core, and me too, because without them, I'm nothing. I make this distinction because some projects simply arouse the desire to participate, providing a feeling of satisfaction, while others take on a much deeper dimension, linked to the subject and the emotional impact it generates.

 Beautiful friendships and adventures often grow out of these experiences, which is truly wonderful. It's this human connection that I want to cultivate, and that's why I want to create this blog and share my thoughts and my adventure. I'm convinced that there's still so much to say, so much to discover, and it's with enthusiasm that I invite you to be part of this journey if it resonates with you.

Admittedly, not everything has always been rosy and sweet in my young career, and I've had some less pleasant experiences, but I've accepted them as lessons, guides to move forward as a human being, an artist, a woman working on the dimension of the body, love and sexuality.

At the same time, I'm immersing myself in personal research into the art of the nude. A fascinating quest that questions our perceptions, our representations, our mental and psychic constructs. What is the nude? How is it represented, and why? Have the canons evolved, and what does this mean for us, in Europe, where the influence of the Greek vision of Antiquity persists? the symbol of the tattoo, the hair, the piercing, from painting to reality?

This blog reflects my life, my thoughts and my questions. I invite you to wander through it, to lose yourself in it, to find yourself in it.

Everything that will be visible on this blog will also be a continuation of my reflections initiated on Instagram, in French and English. However, I think it makes more sense for me to bring all this content together here. From referencing the gear I use, to topics such as "How to draw up an image rights contract", to sensitive testimonials, you'll find a diversity of topics covered in these pages.

You are free to leave whenever you like, to disagree, to find it unattractive, because that's how the richness of our exchanges and encounters is born.

I encourage you to look at the world with kindness, to be the people you want to meet every day. Because if it doesn't start with us, where does it begin?

Thank you for being here, thank you for listening, for being present.

May this day be beautiful and inspiring.

Léonie Stolberg

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